About us


Urban Edge is a newly created company (2009) designed to provide personalised, practical and professional valuation and property consultancy services.

Our coverage area includes urban Christchurch, hill suburbs, Banks Peninsula, Selwyn District and Waimakariri District.

Valuations can be completed for the following purposes:

  • mortgage and loan security
  • compensation
  • relationship/matrimonial property
  • rating and taxation
  • rent reviews
  • hypothetical subdivisions and developments
  • disposal purposes
  • family transfer
  • financial reporting
  • insurance
  • new builds or renovation projects


Our consultation services can provide the following if you are contemplating buying or selling property:- general due diligence, focusing on potential problems/benefits relating to the title, property condition, land contamination, marketing and proposed developments or zoning changes. This service is provided at a rate of $150.00 per hour, (1 hour minimum) plus g.s.t.

We can provide for the developer/ property speculator advice on:- optimum changes to a property or market advice in the early stages of a subdivision/townhouse plan to achieve the highest and best use of the land and maximum sales.


Who are we

Meet NATALIE EDWARDS– (B.Com (VPM), Registered Valuer and Director, SPINZ, ANZIV)

Natalie trained at Lincoln University graduating in 1995 and then obtaining registration as a valuer in 1998.

Her professional experience has included both the public and private property arena with the additional roles of landlord and self-builder.

Natalie offers a pleasant and down to earth approach; she is organized, efficient, to the point and very energized!

She is a born and bred Cantabarian married with two young children, life couldn’t get any busier but she admits to liking it that way!

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